I believe that the growth of society starts with the growth of the individual.


I focus my energy on delivering services that empower people in work and life and create products that contribute to our happiness, health and general well-being.


My work:

Speaker - I tell stories in business and at events

Author - I write stories, articles and books

Coach - I use mindfulness and meditation to help people find and share their story

Entrepreneur - I create products that do social good




Get inspired

My talks bring to life the emotion of my experiences and demonstrate how they have spurred me on to further growth and development in life and work.



Step into your power

I help innovators, business leaders and speakers cut through the noise to get to the heart of their story and embed mindful living practices to step into their power.



Be engaged

I run workshops to help employees unlock their potential in business and leadership and run intimate informal meetups and events for inspiration and fun!


Coaching and Consulting

Woking one-to-one or in small groups I work with a variety of individuals from innovators and entrepreneurs to ambitious employees and professional coaches. Using mindfulness tools to silence the noise and get to the essence of your message, then combining them with proven communication tools and techniques, I strive to empower anyone with the desire to unlock more opportunities in their work and life.


Workshops and Corporate

I work with business leaders and executives to help optimise their personal leadership and delivery capabilities. Using storytelling, key mindfulness principles and other transformative exercises I help individuals discover and transcend barriers to success. My bespoke sessions offer a foundation on which you will build personal growth strategies that create communication breakthroughs in your personal and professional life.



Everyone has a story to tell

I thrive when inspiring others to develop their mindset and tool set in times of personal or professional perturbation. In my talks I tell stories and recount colourful experiences from my life, sharing lessons and observations to provoke thought and learning in a lighthearted and engaging way. My various experiences and passion for personal growth drives me to constantly challenge me and others to realise their best self.  Never content with conformity, I have always sought the path that felt right for me. It is within these experiences and challenges that I found my mission; to guide and inspire others along their own work and life path.

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Storytelling in Business

Explore how to discover and share your own stories for maximum impact

We work together to:

Discover the most value parts of your story and define their meaning

·Build rock-solid confidence by tapping into your inner knowingness

Share your story, presentation or pitch creatively and authentically

Identify and catalog your stories into distinct themes


Calvin naturally pushed me to discover my best self. He used his expertise to help me to find and share my story then effortlessly put the reins of my journey back into my hands. This is an empowering technique and one that I’ve found to work powerfully. He naturally wins your confidence and uses that to bolster action for maximum effect. Calvin’s spirit and continuous quest for self improvement are elements of his personality that has impacted me most strongly.
— S Little Speaker | Creative

The presentations are professionally delivered in a relaxed manner that invites the audience to feel at ease creating a participative environment – this is testament to Calvin’s warm natural character and ability to read an audience to get people talking and feel they can contribute.
— R Thayer Founder & Chairman M3JC

“I am so grateful to have worked with Calvin. His expertise in helping uncover and discover the strength of my story is second to none. Calvin has a knack for drawing out the keys points of a story, teaching you how to share it authentically and offering practical strategies on how to speak with impact. Since working with him and putting these tools into practice my business has shot through the roof. Calvin is an inspiration and my ‘go to’ guy for keeping my communication top notch”
— I Gospodinov CEO WinwInn

Working with Calvin has been a great opportunity. He has guided me to to the significant features of my story. I use my stories to inspire my peers and colleagues since working with him, I continue to put these techniques into practice in my life and my work is more rewarding and moving steadily forward. Calvin has been a great mentor and inspiration to me and I will continue putting these new tools into practice.
— R Kadry Teacher | Writer


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