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Passionate about the power of the story,  Calvin brings to life the emotion of his experiences and demonstrates how they have spurred him on to further growth and development in life and work.


CoachinG & Mentoring

Sharing your story is the most powerful way to build connections with people. Calvin helps innovators, business leaders and speakers to unlock the power of their story in business to inspire their audiences,


Workshops & Events

Calvin runs engaging workshops in organisations to help staff discover the power of the story in business and leadership and runs intimate Share Your Story events for inspiration and fun!



Everyone has a story to tell

Calvin vividly recounts his various experiences from wide ranging pursuits, sharing his lessons and observations with others to provoke thought and learning in an entertaining and engaging way. His breadth of experience and passion for personal growth; spiritual and emotional, drives him to constantly challenge himself and others to realise their best self.  Never content with conformity, Calvin always seeks his own path. It is within his own experiences and challenges that he found his mission; to guide and inspire others along the their own path.

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Calvin helps speakers, Innovator and business leaders Speak With Impact and inspire your audience to take action; make a purchase or adopt a cause. Through his mentoring he has shown speakers how to unlock and exploit the power of their own story. From these successes Calvin's clients have improved their speaking confidence and presentation impact.  By combining conventional tools and techniques with his unique approach and ability to help others unlock their authenticity, Calvin’s clients have gone on to inspire their staff, their clients and others beyond the limits of their professional space.

Six Steps to Success

Based on my Find | Define | Refine approach, you'll be talking like a TED speaker in six simple steps


1 Story Strategy

Here we discuss the purpose & relevant details of your upcoming presentation, pitch or talk. We’ll determine the key information& get clear on the specific outcome you seek.

2 Find

We meet & talk although you’ll do most of the talking! I’ll listen, ask questions & while mining your experiences together, we’ll tease out those gems that lay within you.

3 Story Shelf

In this stage things start to take good shape. With your stories uncovered you’ll categorise the findings from stage 02 into distinct headings & you’ll begin to stock your Story Shelf.  

4 Define

We work your stories into your presentation pitch or talk. We’ll define your key message, create your message map & utilise my Inspiration Curve as a framework for your content.

5 Assess

At this point you’ll have your talk ready & will be identifying any pain points that you still have with sharing your story. Any remaining blocks you’ll flag for obliteration.

6 Refine

In our final meeting, we’ll demolish any remaining blocks that have been flagged & polish your delivery for maximum impact! This includes the physical & vocal aspects of your presentation.



Storytelling in Business

Explore how to discover and share your own stories for maximum impact

In this 1 day workshop you'll learn:

The science behind why stories work

How to identify the story gems within you

How to catalog your stories into distinct themes

How to craft and deliver your story to inspire your audience


I. Gosodinov

Director WinWin Property

"I am so grateful to have worked with Calvin. His expertise in helping uncover and discover the strength of my story is second to none. Calvin has a knack for drawing out the keys points of a story, teaching you how to share it authentically and offering practical strategies on how to speak with impact. Since working with him and putting these tools into practice my business has shot through the roof. Calvin is an inspiration and my 'go to' guy for keeping my communication top notch"

R. Kadry

Presenter | Teacher | Writer


"Working with Calvin has been a great opportunity. He has guided me to to the significant features of my story. I use my stories to inspire my peers and colleagues since working with him, I continue to put these techniques into practice in my life and my work is more rewarding and moving steadily forward. Calvin has been a great mentor and inspiration to me and I will continue putting these new tools into practice."

S Little

Speaker | Creative

"Calvin naturally pushed me to discover my best self. He used his expertise to help me to find and share my story then effortlessly put the reins of my journey back into my hands. This is an empowering technique and one that I've found to work powerfully. He naturally wins your confidence and uses that to bolster action for maximum effect. Calvin's spirit and continuous quest for self improvement are elements of his personality that has impacted me most strongly."


Hi there!

Thanks for visiting, I am glad you took the time to drop by to learn more about me and what I do. I think the above summarises my work quite neatly. I'm passionate about empowering others through the power of the story and it is through sharing my own story that I discovered its potential to fuel my own growth and business journey. As a collaborator and entrepreneur I am passionate about innovative ideas and good business. This has spurned some other ventures including a new product by Medietas Ltd called TOME,

When not speaking, or working on projects I relish every opportunity to learn new things from my children, who never cease to amaze me. I enjoy action-packed holidays in the city and calm sunshine holidays when I’m reflecting. Intersperse that all with some exploration and I’m a very happy man. I also thoroughly enjoy writing my blog.  Relaxing with close friends and family is a must and I’m partial to nice bottle of Scotland’s finest; Auchentoshan – Three Wood.

Lastly, I love meeting new positive and ambitious people like you and finding new ways to add value to your journey. So, please don’t hesitate. Contact me below to find out how we can work together.

Look forward to working with you soon.

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