Growing up, I always wanted to fly aeroplanes. I left university to pursue that ambition. What I didn’t realise at the time was that it wasn’t flying that I really desired. It was freedom, the freedom to explore, to learn and grow and to leave a lasting positive impact.


Chasing the dream

After university, and in between long periods of self-study in pursuit of my dream to take flight, I got married and started a family. Still my dedication to flying knew no bounds. I continued to self-fund my studies around parenthood and work. But, something was missing; somehow I felt that I hadn’t found my true calling.


Life challenges and getting lost

What followed was a range of business and life experiences that were both tumultuous and enriching. Over a decade in aviation and rail, from delivering front line customer service to operations, commercial management to innovation, I developed a broad overview of corporate life from front end delivery through to corporate entrepreneurship. However it was adversity that forced me to look deeper within myself and to live in closer alignment with my passions and values.


Adding value

Even though entrepreneurial flair came as natural to me as my ability to communicate effectively, it was not without a few hurdles that I eventually came to see that empowerment of self and others was a key missing component of my work. I set out to find and fill that gap that was reserved just for me. Further periods of self-study, public speaking, writing and mindfulness-practice combined and recombined until my services and products began develop organically.


Today, still an enthusiastic, people-focused person, passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, I recognise that communicating with impact is not only a tool to be used, but a gift to be shared. Through my writing and speaking, workshops and one to one services I strive to empower others to deliver more impactful work and lead more impactful lives. 


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