Calvin Niles shares stories of true life events, recounting his rise from perceived failure to real opportunity, including his personal struggle with himself, his circumstances, his relationships and his working life. 

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Always the storyteller, Calvin's creative work takes us on a unique journey into a world of mystery and intrigue. 

In this mesmerising piece of metaphysical fiction, Leo straddles multiple dimensions in order to regain his freedom. But not before a few blistering encounters forced him to learn the hard way.



A timer locked case for smart devices

I am the CEO of Medietas Ltd, a company founded to create products that brings balance to people’s lives

The digital age has its benefits, and its costs. Social skills are crumbling, concentration skills diminishing, and time vanishing faster than ever before. The compulsion to constantly be on our phones and tablets distracts us from leading more meaningful lives.

Our first product TOME encourages mindful and balanced use of devices in the home, workplace or social spaces to be launched in 2019

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