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The Philomena Seismic Research Faculty was undertaking an ambitious but sinister program of work to create the world’s first detailed database of subsurface activity.

Leo’s involvement seems peripheral at best…until he gets drawn in and seduced by a mystery and intrigue that unleashes an inter-dimensional battle for his freedom.

The Sun Rises in Eastmoor is a transcendent, emotionally powerful journey through Leo’s inner torment, changing his life forever.  On his quest to get to bottom of it all, his world his filled with exuberant characters that will tug on your heartstrings throughout. Descending from an esoteric world that reveals to him to an undeniable truth, Leo emerges a new man.



Leo suspected it was a covert research project.  With his wife and children gone, he had nothing left but his gut instinct and a burning desire to get to the bottom of it all.

Sparks fly when he assumes his mission to save Divitia from certain doom and combines it with the charms of his latest female obsession. But when he considers that his beloved family could be visiting him in his dreams, disaster seems to follow. Lines become blurred as Leo relies on his visions to guide him through the noise of his emotions to face his ultimate truth.

But does he have the courage? Can he trust the mysterious man on the mountain?  Will he save Divitia from the malevolent Chancellor of Philomena? Above all, can he free himself from the grip of almost-certain demise?

The Sun Rises in Eastmoor is tale of love, loss and a journey to freedom.  It creates a rich, true-to-life world with a moving story that pays homage to the transcendent elements of human experience, charting Leo’s first steps toward self-actualisation. Its mix of characters, memorable dialogue and engaging plot heralds the arrival of a new, noteworthy story-telling talent.